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Our mission

The Atlanta Black Chambers is a non-profit organization consisting of individuals engaging in Business, Community and Government activities. Our mission is to serve as an advocate for the creation and growth of competitive, profitable and sustainable Black owned entities. We are committed to providing quality education and training programs that emphasize economic development, ownership and wealth building practices.



We create opportunities for our members in the areas of Business, Community and Government.

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Why the ABC ?

Our membership base represents over 400 unique market sectors from an array of privately owned entities to non-profits.

Reason one

The nation’s African American buying power has risen to over $1 trillion dollars. Our state of Georgia is the third largest black consumer market in the nation with over 70 billion in African American spending.

Reason two

That same population seeks out the ABC because of our ability to effectively address the cultural needs and capture the interests of this diverse population throughout the United States.

Reason three

Creating opportunities for members has been and continues to be our number one priority. It is our goal to ensure our member businesses and organizations bring value to the marketplace, remain relevant, competitive and be sustainable for future generations.

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With over 100 activities each year, the ABC engages with over 5000+ individuals at various events and activities throughout the region, nation and world.

What our members do

Our membership base influences each economic sector and represents over 400 different industries.



Each month we reach over 10,000 influencers via our social media networks,e-marketing distribution, website and other digital media outlets.


Why the ABC ?

Our membership base influences each economic sector

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Each month we reach over 10,000 influencers via our e-marketing distribution, our website, social media and our other digital media networks.