Atlanta Black Chambers Leadership

Matthew Coleman

Real Estate & Professional Services Chair
CEO, VI Capital Lending

Matthew serves as chair of the Real Estate Round Table.  He is also Managing Partner of Vi Capital Lending

Matthew assists real estate professionals in fixing, flipping, buying, cashing out as well as new construction and development. We look to (Vi) “vision it: with our clients to assist them to create/grow there real estate business. As a builder and contractor, we add that insight it takes to understand the needs of our client. It is so rewarding to provide resources to make a project or business flourish. We provide capital for real estate developments, to fix and flip projects, to commercial acquisitions, and much more. 75k to 80 million & up!
I want to grow my business to create financial freedom that could empower generations to come!

You can learn more about Matthew by visiting his LinkedIn page.

Fun facts about him.
He really loves to be positive and he loves basketball.

What is his role within the Atlanta Black Chambers, and what led him to become involved in this organization?
He stared of in leadership as the lead ambassador. He wanted to find a place to professionally fellowship, while growing my business and adding value.

How does his mission align with the Atlanta Black Chambers works to support Black-owned businesses in the Atlanta area?
The mission of the chamber is to support and to be of service you must have a attitude of gratitude. These 2 things, service and gratitude embody what Vi Capital Lending / Vision Group R.E. Development and myself personally wake up everyday to strive for.
He enjoys the desire to serve our black community to grow and be our professional and personal best, while being unapologetically black.
The ABC has continually pushed the growth of our community and promoted the power of collaboration while educating us to be better.
That is ‘US!”

What are some of the key challenges facing Black-owned businesses in the current economic and social climate, and as an exemplary leader of the Atlanta Black Chambers, how he addresses these challenges?
He belives that the lack of not only capital but the recourses to implement the capital. We also need to have a clear road map. This would be something that can allow us the trust to know that these steps will get you closer to the capitalistic systems we operate under to get us the success in this system. He thinks we are all striving for from a business profit and loss perspective.
These tools are everywhere but not were when it comes to our community having the resources to provide a high level product or service. We are moving in the right direction.

His three success stories or achievements via his contributions to the Atlanta Black Chambers.
One of his stories is the collaboration with Michael Swift. He invested and it’s was great to right him a check and know that we worked together on a million dollar house that he built and he added needed capital. We both profited.
Another success is the Inaugural RPS Summit that was a full day of education that we, as a committee put together to take over the entire RICE center for a day of fun, education and fellowship.
The list is long.

What are his goals for the future of the Atlanta Black Chambers, and how does he envision the organization evolving to meet the needs of its members and the wider community?
His visions simple in that we will create a membership that far exceeds 10k.
This power of people who share the vision of collaboration and growth will empower us to have a payroll and staff to move us forward just in pace with our cultures rich history.

Life’s Motto / Powerful Quote.
Frustration is optimism turned inside out!! Be optimistic.