Atlanta, GA – January 13, 2024. The Global Opportunities Committee (GOC) of the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) proudly announces the appointment of the following people as Regional Lead effective October 2023, through October 31st, 2025:

1. Stacey Mollison – Guyana
2. Claudine Reid, MBE – UK
3. David Jeb Kuteesa – Indian Ocean
4. Ency Samkeliswi Litsoane – South Africa
5. George Makore – Zimbabwe
6. Iruku Makanga – Kenya
7. John Colastin – Puerto Rico
8. Johnny Muteba – South Africa
9. Joseph Nzekani – Democratic Republic of Congo
10. Marjé Etheridge – South Africa
11. Michele C. da Silva-Wagner – Darmstadt, Germany
12. Robert Francisco Asprilla – Colombia
13. Samuel O. Adeyemi – Nigeria
14. Sandiford Ruel Edwards – Caribbean
15. Cosmas Mamhunze – South Africa
16. Christian Andrés Cambindo Riascos – Colombia
17. Dadirai Babra Ngwena (Chakanyuka) – Zimbabwe

These newly appointed Regional Leads will play a pivotal role in advancing the ABC’s mission to foster economic development, trade, and partnerships across the world.

In this role as Regional Leads, they will be tasked with identifying and pursuing new opportunities for trade, partnerships, and investments within their regions. Their responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies to build relationships with key stakeholders, participating in data analysis on the status and needs of Black businesses, and representing the GOC at industry events and conferences.

Furthermore, the Regional Leads will manage a team of local experts, participate in fundraising activities, and report on the progress of economic impact to the executive leadership of ABC.

The Global Opportunities Committee (GOC), a key component of ABC, focuses on increasing global opportunities for its members by promoting international trade, investments, and partnerships. As Atlanta solidifies its reputation as the mecca for Black excellence, the GOC plays a crucial role in curating programs and initiatives designed for the benefit of its members.

“We are confident that the newly appointed Regional Leads skills, knowledge, and experience in their regions will make them ideal appointees for this role,” said Mr. Ricardo Berrís, Chairman of the Global Opportunities Committee. “Their commitments to our vision and mission align perfectly with our goal of integrating and including Black businesses in global opportunities.”

Speaking on the appointment, Mr. Melvin Coleman, President & CEO, Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC), noted that the ABC and GOC are excited about the growth and impact the Regional Leads will bring to the table in the areas of shaping the future of access, collaboration, and connection for Black businesses on a global scale.

Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Business, Community, and Government initiatives that enhance the growth of competitive Black-owned businesses, emphasizing economic development and wealth-building. More information about ABC’s mission can be found on ABC website at

Ricardo Berrís
Global Opportunities Committee